The lead sheet industry has annual sales in excess of €200m. The EU is its biggest market.


Lead sheet has a low carbon footprint – 100% of lead sheet is made from recycled material.


Alternative construction materials are 30 – 50% more expensive than lead sheet over a 60 year period.


A traditional construction/roofing material for centuries, it is a significant and attractive part of the skyline in many historic European towns and cities

Safe Use

With correct handling, installation and disposal the health and environmental risks of using lead sheet for construction are minimal

Welcome to ELSIA

The European Lead Sheet Industry Association is the trusted voice of the industry and promotes its benefits as a long-term, low maintenance construction material.

Today’s lead sheet industry is modern and competitive, and takes a responsible approach towards its customers, its employees and the environment.

The industry has invested heavily in research and development to ensure that its products are fit for purpose, guaranteeing a long and trouble-free life, and are environmentally sound, safe to use and resource efficient.


European lead sheet industry commits to far-reaching Code of Practice

( 18 July 2014) Members of the European Lead Sheet Industry Association (ELSIA) will ensure that suppliers of lead maintain the highest standards of health, safety and quality through a series of commitments set out in a revised Code of Practice published…


Leaflet sets out clear guidance for installers of lead sheet on how to work safely

An informative leaflet for installers of lead sheet, just published by the European Lead Sheet Industry Association (ELSIA), sets out how lead sheet installers can work in a safe and healthy environment. The leaflet Leadworker Safety: Keep Clean, Keep Healthy, Keep Working…


ELSIA announces risk management workshop

5 February, 2014 - A workshop designed to help ELSIA members achieve blood lead reduction targets for all their workers will take place in April. Attendance is recommended to all ELSIA member company employees who are responsible for the health and safety of…